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What we do.

At SRD we understand that good design is driven by context and purpose, and not by creative suites of computer programs, fabulous fonts and fashion.

Whether designing for print, the web or environmental installations, our success comes from a thoughtful approach that addresses our client's individual marketing strategy and one that lends focus to their unique vision for success.

In broader terms, the sometimes misunderstood world of design and its intrinsic influence on the global audience is described beautifully by designer Jessica Helfand of Winterhouse. It is with her permission that we post her insightful observations below. We certainly couldn't have said it better ourselves.

“Graphic design is the most ubiquitous of all the arts. It responds to needs at once personal and public, embraces concerns both economic and ergonomic, and is informed by many disciplines, including art and architecture, philosophy and ethics, literature and language, science and politics and performance.

Graphic design is everywhere, touching everything we do, everything we see, everything we buy: we see it on billboards and in Bibles, on taxi receipts and on websites, on birth certificates and on gift certificates, on the folded circulars inside jars of aspirin and on the thick pages of children's chubby board books.

Graphic design is the boldly directional arrows on street signs and the blurred, frenetic typography on the title sequence to E.R. It is the bright green logo for the New York Jets and the monochromatic front page of the Wall Street Journal. It is hang-tags in clothing stores, postage stamps and food packaging, fascist propaganda posters and brainless junk mail.

Graphic design is complex combinations of words and pictures, numbers and charts, photographs and illustrations that, in order to succeed, demands the clear thinking of a particularly thoughtful individual who can orchestrate these elements so they all add up to something distinctive, or useful, or playful, or surprising, or subversive or somehow memorable.

Graphic design is a popular art and a practical art, an applied art and an ancient art. Simply put, it is the art of visualizing ideas.”

Jessica Helfand­, Winterhouse